Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bare Oaks Players 3rd season

Bare Oaks Players did it again and successfully presented 5 live theatre performances and with full participation of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park members and visitors. BRAVO!
Our first production “Tiffany and The Genie” written by Jeffrey Fiske, inspired by “The Fisherman and The Genie”, was presented 4 times this summer, fully sponsored by SBITS Productions.
We had the pleasure of hosting the author Jeffrey Fiske and hope to produce future shows together in the future.
It would not have been a success without the leadership of Judy Mitchell, Director and Assistant producer and the dedication of the two young performers Melissa and Ally.
A picture from one of our rehearsal says it all. Congratulations cast and crew.

Playbill One:
“As night to the Day” by Dan Ebbs, Directed by: Marc Bernardi
A wonderful little one act play that uses warmth and humour as it explores the many emotions  experienced by those inflicted with Alzheimer’s and by those who are close to them. We share a morning in the life of Winnifred Ashcroft, her son Michael who is watching after her, Winnie’s neighbour Tara, and a former student who has a lesson to teach everyone.
We played to three sold out houses and were fortunate enough to have the playwright, Dan Ebbs, come to closing night.
 “The Death of Me” by Norm Foster, Directed by: Royce Nettleton
This is a one act play by Norm Foster, one of Canada’s most successful playwrights. John dies unexpectedly and convinces the Angel of Death he should be able to return to earth so that he can die in a more orderly fashion. He is granted his wish but with a novel condition attached, he must tell off his ex-fiancé. The audiences loved this play and there were cheers throughout as the surprise ending unfolded.
Two short one act plays that lead the audience through various emotions. The cast and crew worked for 8 weeks to prepare polished work before presenting to sold out audiences at each of the three performance nights.
This one act night was focused on Canadian playwrights with Dan Ebbs from London, Ontario attending closing night of his play.
Playbill Two:
“10,000 Cigarettes” written by Alex Broun, Directed by: Royce Nettleton
Did you ever want to know how a connoisseur of cigarettes feels? Why people start to smoke and why they keep on smoking? Did you ever want to know the single best way to quit smoking? Then you would have loved this tightly choreographed little gem.  A surprisingly intricate work, the cast of this production were superb, keeping the audience highly entertained and amused. Thanks to Alex Broun for writing such a fun piece.
 “Upton Manor” written by Dave A., Directed by: Marc Bernardi
Arguably the hit of the season, this play was written by one of our own members. It is a parody based on Downton Abbey, with touches of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park deftly woven in to create a hilarious one act play that kept the audience in stitches from start to end. Thanks to the cast for their hard work, and to Stéphane for stepping in and playing a caricature of himself to the delight of the writer and the audience.
“I really enjoyed participating in one of the plays put on by the Bare Oaks Players. It was my first time as an actor and I found it very different from my other experiences. While I’m quite used to public speaking, this was markedly different because I had to memorize lines and play the part of someone else. (albeit someone very similar to me) I was surprised by how nervous I was before each show. But ultimately it was wonderful to be part of the evolving Bare Oaks Players. With each season, the sophistication of the plays, sets, and equipment is increasing. It’s all wonderful to see because the development of this and other cultural initiatives means that we are developing a more complete naturist society.” Stéphane Deschênes
Thanks to the cast and crew for all of these plays. Your enthusiasm and dedication made this the best season ever. The one theme that came through from these people, regardless of which play(s) they were engaged in, was the fun they had putting together an evening of entertainment for their family and friends. Half of them had never been in theatre before, but they are sold on it now, and we look forward to welcoming them back next year.
This final playbill really stole the summer. With a cast of 7 characters, complex production requirements (including period costumes), limited stage space AND a never done play before, I think that everyone involved should be proud of the final results.
See for yourself. Two pictures, 7 cast.


A bit about our next thoughts
During the colder months of the year, SBITS Productions will be conducting various theatre workshops. The objective is to propagate the knowledge across the Bare Oaks Players members and augment our production capacity and capability.
We started in 2012 with a very small nucleus of thespians (5) and we need to continue to attract members that have the same passion that we have.
We want to specifically gain subject matter experts in lighting, sound, stage management and production management.  Did you know that a simple cue missed during the show, can dramatically diminish the message and intent of the author.  A good production must have focused technicians. They are integral to the success of a production.  Don’t kid yourself, cast members.
Potential workshops:
·       DMX Operation: Basic Terminology
·       Sound: Basic Operation
·       Lights: Basic handling and Operation
·       Fog Machine: Operation and Care of
·       Stage Projection
·       Set design
·       Directing
Bare Oaks Players will also be calling for a reading of plays in early 2016. Standby for confirmation of dates.
We hope to see you at Bare Oaks for this event.
If you want to direct and/or submit a play for consideration, please send to  as soon as possible.

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